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A major problem for many landlords and property managers is having an effective and professional way of communicating with their tenants. We provide a method of communication that solves this problem and does so in a secure way with encryption end-to-end.

What To Expect


Real-time Communication

Communication with tenants is important for happy tenants, landlords, and property managers. Messaging is the standard method of communication in the modern world. SMS messaging lacks creature comfort features we have grown accustomed to. 

Protect Your Phone Number

Don’t want to give out your phone number to all tenants? Each property manager gets their own phone number to call tenants with. Have tenants request a call via chat and control when you call them back to what fits your schedule. Tenants can make it clear for urgent requests.

Easy Tenant Management

Setting up your account should be painless and simple. Upload a file and import all buildings, units, and tenants in one click. After setup, you need to manage them and update things. Use re-useable actions to make management easy. Remove a tenant and replace them with a couple of clicks without needing to enter building or unit information.

Building Channels

Save time sending out personal messages to tenants when you can post updates for the whole building. Spend less time managing tenants and more time doing productive work. 

Allow tenants to communicate among themselves in the building channel to discuss building-specific things and create a sense of community. 

Property Managers

Accounts for each property manager enable more personalized communication. Restrict tenant management to only property managers who manage their building. Use permissions to control property manager access and control. 

See how Tenant Talk helps your business

Manage All Tenants In One Place

Managing tenants should not be a long tedious process. Use a dashboard that gives you exactly what you need at your fingertips. Waste less time on menus and forms. See all important quick glance data in one view.

Directly Message Tenants

Message tenants directly via real-time chat. A quick view of the conversation shows their name and their building/unit to identify who you are talking with. 

Call Tenants From Tenant Talk

Don’t want to share out your phone number? Message tenants directly via chat and call them via an audio call from your browser or mobile device. One-click to call a tenant from the tenant dashboard.

Tenant Talk has allowed me to be more responsive to my tenants, protect my cell phone number and ensure my team can communicate with their tenants better than via email/sms.

Jacob D.Smith Falls, Ontario
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